2nd inter-school meeting
in the context of the Erasmus+ program

"My involvement as a European with refugee children"

This meeting took place between 18/3/2018 and 24/3/2018 and was the second interscholastic meeting in the context of "Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils" at Chateau Thierry, France. The missions of Greece, Germany and Croatia were composed of six students each, and the accompanying teachers. The "foreign" students were hosted by French students of the Lycee Jean de la Fontaine and their families.

On the first day of the meeting, the students presented the material and the activities they implemented during the period that started after the first meeting in Thessaloniki which took place in the beginning of December, and before they travelled to France. More specifically, the students presented the diffusion activities by which they were trained, and which were used by their fellow students who turned themselves into trainees after their own initial training in Thessaloniki by the “Intercultur” representatives and trainers during the first meeting in Thessaloniki. They also presented extracts from a theatrical play by the Greek cartoonist and writer Arkas with English subtitles. Furthermore, they presented several of the supportive activities that our school implemented with the purpose of sensitizing our students in the issue of antiracist education. After our presentations we were shown around the school premises, as well as some of the major sites and monuments of Chateau Thierry.


During the following three days, the students participated in the second cycle of training by Intercultur. During the evenings they attended the cultural events and games that had been set for all participants.

On the last day of our stay in France, we visited Paris and the main sites of the city. In spite of the biting cold, we enjoyed our visit a lot.

We should thank our hosts for organizing this successful meeting. We would also like to thank the six students who participated in it and made us proud of them as accompanying teachers.

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