3rd Erasmus+ Meeting in Hungary

It was in Kisujszallas of Hungary, from 18/4/2015 to 25/4/2015, that took place the second school meeting, whose subject was ?Waste management in our town and our school?.

The greek team consisted of 7 girls and one boy of the 2nd Class and two teachers.

The hospitality of Hungarian partners was excellent and the program full of activities and very well organized.

Before the official opening of the program and our arrival in Kisujszallas we had the chance to stay for a while in the capital city, in Budapest, where we visited the Opera, the Church of Saint Stephen and the Terror Museum.

The first day of the program we were welcomed at the Town Hall and then we had a guided tour at the school.

The second day we visited the recycling center of the town and the electronic waste-recycling center in Karcag. In the evening we learned traditional dances of Hungary in a dance school of the town.

In the third day every school presented its work about waste management and then there was a photo competition, in which the participants voted for the best photos related to ?Littered Earth?. The Greek presentation.

In the fourth day we visited the beautiful and picturesque historical town of Eger, where we had the chance to be guided in the historical castle. After that we visited Poroszlo, a very important natural reserve, and we were guided at its Ecological Center (Ecocenter), which, among others, has an aquarium with freshwater lake fish. After the tour at the Center we boarded on boats and had a tour of lake Tisza.


In the fifth day we travelled to Budapest. We crossed the Danube Bridges and walked around the historical monuments of Buda, the Palace, the Presidential Residence, the Matthias Church and the Fishermen?s bastion. In the evening the results of the photo competition were announced.  If you want to see photos from the activities of the meeting, press here.

If you want to see the press conference in the local media press here

We would like to thank our students for their absolutely perfect behavior during the whole trip and their excellent presentations, which gained the positive comments of the representatives of all participant countries.


The Teachers

Kyriaki Grigoriadou, Biology teacher

Dimitrios Salonikidis, Greek Language Teacher