1st Coordinators Meeting in Madrid

ERASMUS+ 2019-2020 KA229: 
«Totalitarian Past and Democratic Present: Lessons for our Future»

The coordinators of the schools that participate in our Project have had a meeting in Madrid (3-6/10/2019). In this first meeting they had the chance to meet each other and talk about the implementation of the Project. After a short tour in the hosting school (IES Newton Salas, Villanueva de la Torre), the coordinator of the Project, Mr Salonikidis Dimitrios, showed a presentation about the Project and the teachers talked about important details related to the works and activities that have to be done, the schedule of the LTT activities and the dissemination of the results of the Project.

He also presented to his partners a draft of the Program of the meeting in Thessaloniki. The meeting in Spain was completed with a trip to the Valle de los Caídos and a tour in the center of Madrid.


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