Vote for the Logo of our Project

ERASMUS+ 2019-2020 KA229: 
«Totalitarian Past and Democratic Present: Lessons for our Future»

Today,25/11/2019, the vote procedure for the Logo of the project was successfully completed. Each one of the partner schools has selected through internal procedures its Logo suggestion. These Logos were set to a vote procedure: a team of 20 persons from each school (teachers and students) voted for the Logos of the other schools. According to the following final results the Logo of the Project will be the Greek one, created by the students Efstathia Koniari and Manos Kokokiris. We congratulate all the students who created Logos for the project!

Final Results


Greece: 37 votes

Romania: 27 votes

Italy: 21 votes

Spain: 15 votes.

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